Release Notes - updated July 2019

Release Notes - updated July 2019

July 2019

Mid-July treats:  Favs for Assignments and Release Sharing performance
  1. More Favorites

     You can now add commonly selected lists to a Favourites folder when creating Assignments so you no longer have to hunt for them each time you created a release send.
  2. Updated: Navigating to your favourite labels is now easier with better breadcrumb UI. 

    Release sharing time reduced
  3. Updated: Time to share releases to other labels is now reduced to under 2 minutes.
Updates & Fixes:  Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July!
  1. Updated:  when you edit an Asset the album graphic you upload now shows in a thumbnail. Imagine that!
  2. Updated: Also in Assets, if you click the x button on your tracks you are now warned about removing them as your precious work could be gone.
  3. Updated: When adding to an existing Playlist in Assets, you can now add multiple tracks to it. Yes, now you can have a Playlist party!

June 2019

Updates & Fixes: Summer update
If you're busy putting out releases while the sun is out so are we! This month we're improving Asset management and making your life easier when organizing labels as well! 
  1. New: Your current album not big enough? Add more tracks easily without having to upload the file again. A great way to build compilations.
  2. New:  Is a song from an album blowing up on its own? Export it into its own asset to make re-releasing it as a single easier.
  3. New: It's okay to play favourites. When picking labels you can now select certain ones that you know you will be pointing to again and again. Find out how it works.
    1. Try it out in Release Sharing!
  4. Updated:  You spoke to us about wanting more flexibility in creating Release Sharing plans so now you can split an existing Release Share into different shares by extracting a label from an existing release share schedule.
  5. Updated: Similarly, after creating a release share plan you can now change the locked options even after the plan is published.
      Minor updates and fixes:
      We have a lot of other great improvements this month. Check them out below:
  1. Updated: Staff manager UI shows Staff ID for staff users
  2. Updated: Per Track Reporting UI is moved to within Release Reporting
  3. Updated: CanCon icons now appear in gallery view in all players
  4. Updated: CanCon MAPL information adjusted in Release Overview
  5. Updated: When picking labels in Staff Manager, selected labels appear in picked folder
  6. Updated: Track Artist metadata field is populated with the filename of the uploaded audio
  7. Fixed: Switching Artist - Title in notification emails also works with version
  8. Fixed: Releases with non-ASCII characters can be downloaded from the Player

May 2019

Canadian Content
Canadian creators can now apply MAPL criteria to assets so that stations can recognize releases containing Canadian content.

Updates & Fixes

April 2019

Updates & Fixes

March 2019

Updates & Fixes

  • New: Reporting Release Details now shows list membership of recipients
  • New: Export reporting of release shows list membership of recipients
  • New: Label Department shown in Label navigation
  • New: Label Department now shown in Lists
  • Fixed: Play delay when using Safari fixed
  • Fixed: Player can download very old releases when zip option is picked
  • Fixed: Syncing issues fixed between recipients updated on lists
  • Fixed: Assign Share Privilege can now pick sub-labels when parent label is picked

February 2019

Updates & Fixes

  • New: Release Sharing has new label picker
  • New: Can now find a specific recipient when Assigning Releases (bulk assignment)
  • New: Releases can now be selected to be downloaded by users of Nielsen BDSradio
  • New: Number of selected recipients shown when creating bulk assignment
  • New: "Email date" column in Assignments is now renamed "Scheduled Email"
  • New: Recipient emails that bounce are blocked from sends and are flagged
  • Fixed: Blank artist and title in Upload Service tracks must be filled out
  • Fixed: Blank artist and title in Email builder: Release Details must be filled out
  • Fixed: Daily MPE renamed Daily Play MPE in Assignments: lists
  • Fixed: Top 20 Rock Chart improperly labeled as Christian in email
  • Fixed: Recipients copied to a list will show accurately in assignment schedule
  • Fixed: Tracks can be downloaded in Internet Explorer if download as zip package is turned off

January 2019

Assign releases - Major release - Release managers can now select a number of releases (bulk assignment) at once and assign it to a selection of lists. This is useful when bringing on a new set of recipients who you want to have access to a number of pre-existing releases or back catalog.

Updates & Fixes

  • New: Selected social media icons can be added and linked in Email builder
  • New: Users are warned if leaving page with unsaved edits 
  • New: Change required approval message now replies to change requester
  • New: Players can now download all tracks in album as one zip. (Reflected in reporting as multiple downloads)
  • Fixed: Sender Email field can no longer be blank in v8 (resulting in bounces)
  • Fixed: Artist and metadata on draft/unpublished releases appears in Release listing page
  • Fixed: Changing label name in releases /assets will automatically update in all releases
  • Fixed: Labels in reporting match filters
  • Fixed: Share privilege between v4 and v8 Encoder matches
  • Fixed: 30 day filter removed as default for Reporting

December 2018

Updates & Fixes

November 2018

Updates & Fixes

October 2018

Updates & Fixes

  • New: Album art images can now be uploaded as part of Assets
  • New: New label picker UI wherever labels and owners can be filtered or picked
  • New: Releases created without assets have a default email subject
  • New: Picked parent labels and their sub-labels in Staff Manager can be navigated
  • Fixed: Root label should not be selectable in Releases
  • Fixed: Label picker UI has sortable columns
  • Fixed: logic for showing labels clarified
  • Fixed: Reporting date filter fixed for when artist is a search value
  • Fixed: Picking Owner fixed

September 2018

Updates & Fixes

  • New: a new label picker UI has been rolled out through most features
  • New: assignments UI now reflects partial selection of labels or recipients in a folder or list
  • New: Track name changes now update in upload panel in Assets
  • New: Modified time column available now in Lists
  • New: Uploaded album art can now be removed in Email Builder
  • Fixed: labels could not be created in Submit Release Request 
  • Fixed: suspended releases are also removed from
  • Fixed: renamed label could not be seen by Upload Service user
  • Fixed: some feedback not sent to release creator from player
  • Fixed: search labels in Reporting incorrect for labels created in v4
  • Fixed: some characters don't show for label names in Reporting

August 2018

Staff Manager - Major Release - v8 release tools now include the ability to create and edit encoder staff accounts to enable users roles for your release creation team. Roles include Release Manager, List Manager, Release Sharer, Label Manager and Upload Service user.

Label Manager - Major Release - companies now can create sub-labels. Users with the Label Manager role have the power to create, edit sub-labels that can act as Owners or marketing labels for releases and assets.

Updates & Fixes

  • New: Releases can now be suspended (assignments stopped) and put back into draft
  • New: UPC field is now editable in Asset Manager
  • New: Album art can be removed from Upload Service submission
  • Fixed: Additional album / track metadata appears again in Overview tab in player
  • Fixed: Image upload in email builder getting network error fixed
  • Fixed: Outlook shows proper release email border
  • Fixed: Outlook shows proper track listing background color
  • Fixed: Total track time updates properly if tracks are deleted in Asset Manager
  • Fixed: Preview email from email builder now shows same formatting as release email
  • Fixed: Label logos resolution improved in emails
  • Fixed: Publish Now! from approval emails properly sets availability to immediately
  • Fixed: different font sizes now look better in
  • Fixed: better album art displaying in

July 2018

Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed: Apostrophe in artist or title names displays properly in all email clients
  • Fixed: Twitter feed shows album graphics properly

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