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            Selecting Audio assets for your release

            When Creating or Editing a release, select an Audio asset (song or playlist) in the Select Assets step of release creation. 

            Selecting an Audio asset

            1. Edit an existing Release or click Create New Release
            2. In the Select Assets page, click the link in the grey section under the Audio heading.

              If you are editing an existing release and want to replace an asset that has already been chosen, click the Remove link first.
            3. A new popup panel will appear listing the most recent audio assets for your label.

            4. You can sort each column by clicking at the top of the column or search by ID, Artist or Title by entering your search term into the search box at the top.

            5. When you have found the asset you want, click the Select link in the row beside that asset.


              That asset will now appear in the Select Asset page. 

            6. If you wish to edit details of the selected asset, click Edit Asset

              This will open up the asset page where you can change its files, artist, title or any of the metadata. After saving any changes in the asset, you have to return to the release you were editing.
            7. Once you are satisfied with the asset you have selected, click Continue to save that asset with the current release.

            Updated: 24 Jun 2019 08:39 AM
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