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            Organizing commonly used lists into Favorites

            If you find yourself picking the same Lists over and over again you can assemble these into a Favorites folder.

            Picking lists to be Favorites

            1. in Assignments, edit or create a new Assignment Schedule
            2. When you see the display of all the lists available to you, you will see at the very top a folder called "Favorites"
            3. Within each list row there are star icons. 

            4. Click on the star icon for the list you want to favorite.
            5. When you have made all the favorite selections you want, click on the Favourites folder to navigate into it.

              Inside the Favourites folder you will see all of the lists you just picked
            6. To select a list for your assignment from within Favourites, click on the selector circle as you would outside the Favourites folder.

            Removing lists from the Favourites folder

            1. To remove lists from Favourites folder, simply click on a filled star icon to make it empty

            Updated: 17 Jul 2019 09:52 AM
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