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            Create a new release sharing schedule

            n Play MPE v8 you schedule when you will share a release with another label. This allows you to not only time the sharing but also tailor how you share it with a set of labels.

            To create a new release sharing schedule

            There are two ways you can create a new release sharing schedule. 

            Method 1: Share release from Release listing

            1. In Releases, located the release you wish to share.
            2. Click on the * * * context menu and select Share Release

            3. This will open up the New Release Sharing Schedule page for that release.

            Method 2: Create New Release Sharing Schedule in Release Sharing

            1. In Release Sharing click on the New Release Sharing Schedule button at the top of the page.

              The New Release Sharing Schedule page will appear.

              This page displays a list of releases available to your label with information that helps you pick the right one. It has the ability for you to search, filter much like the regular Releases page.

              The release ID is helpful in that it is the unique identifier for the particular release (artist and release title can be the same in multiple releases). 

            2. Any release creator on your particular label will be able to select a release for sharing. Click the Select link beside the release. 

              This will open up the New Release Sharing Schedule page. This is where you will decide what Share Options will control what can be changed by other labels, when the release will be made available to their release creators and which labels will have access to it. 

            3. Give the new release sharing schedule a name by typing it into the Schedule Name field.

            4. Once all of the release sharing options and what labels can access the release are set (required), click the Share button. 

              The new release sharing schedule will appear in the Release Sharing Schedules page.

            What the release sharee sees

            When the scheduled time is past, release creators for the labels you have shared the release to will see the release appear in their Releases page. 

            To help them see where the release came from, in the References column there will be a notation saying: "Shared from" followed by the original release's ID.

            Updated: 05 Jul 2019 02:41 AM
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