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            Add to an asset

            Sometimes you may wish to import an existing asset into an existing one, for example if you are making a combined release or making a compilation from tracks from different releases or adding a new version of a track to a previously released album. 

            Note: this is limited to adding single tracks for now

            Add to an asset

            1. in Assets find the asset you wish to modify. Click the * * * action menu beside that asset and select Add to.

              This will open the Add to  page showing the asset you are modifying and showing a list of all available assets you can select from.

            2. Browse the list of assets and click Select besides the assets you wish to bring into your original.

              Assets you have selected will be updated so you can't select them again.
            3. Click Close to go back to Assets.
            When you examine the original asset, any assets you have selected to be added will appear at the bottom of the playlist along with all of their existing metadata.

            Updated: 21 Jun 2019 03:45 AM
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