Version 8 of the release publishing tools, officially known as Caster is available at is the most significant update to the Play MPE service in more than 9 years, this release offers critical benefits including:

  • Anywhere, anytime, accessibility. Fully browser-based, providing access to both Macs and PCs, designed to be translation-ready into multiple languages, releases can be created from anywhere, on any device, with nothing to install.
  • Cutting release creation time in half. Fast and user-friendly, building a release streamlines our customer workflows, saving our customers and our staff time.
  • Beautiful, impactful, effective releases. New powerful drag-and-drop email designer empowers quick creation of effective releases engaging their target audience providing greater value.

How do I use Caster?

Head to and log in with your existing account that you use with the Play MPE Encoder Windows application (version 4).

All your labels and lists of recipients are being synchronized automatically for use in the version 8 tools.

Can I still use the Windows Play MPE Encoder application (version 4)?

Yes! We're very excited about the new tools and will be focusing all our efforts to continue providing market leading features and functionality on the version 8 platform going forward. However, we are planning to fully support both versions at the same time during a period of transition. As we move towards officially removing support from version 4 we'll provide additional notification.

Can I get training on Play MPE Caster?

Yes, please contact Play MPE technical support to set up a training session as soon as possible! Alternately, you can review documentation in these pages or watch a demonstration video here.

How come I can't see my version 4 releases in Caster?

To improve the performance and feature-set of version 8 a clean start was required so all version 4 releases and assets will only be available in the version 4 tool.  Reporting will be the exception where the reporting pages in version 8 will show all your releases from both tools combined in one place. Upcoming, we’ll be adding a tool to copy over a release to version 8 if you need to quickly resend an older release on the new tools.

Can I manage and update my old recipient lists in Caster?

By default, version 4 lists are synchronized for use on releases in version 8 but aren't available for managing or updating automatically in version 8 as a list can only be practically managed in one tool at a time.   Once you and your team are ready to move all your list management to version 8, reach out to Play MPE technical support and we will copy them over in the background for you.

Can I add labels and staff in Caster?

Yes! Staff management has been upgraded to be simpler to use and understand. Label management is also now available - however labels will be read only in version 8 while being synchronized from version 4. When you're ready to edit and manage labels in version 8 contact Play MPE technical support and we'll disable the synchronization of labels to allow adding and editing new labels in version 8.

What's coming next for Caster?

Lots!  We're very excited about the potential to more quickly add features, enhance workflows and make using Play MPE even easier to use on the version 8 platform.  Next up, we will be moving over the remaining workflows from version 4 - staff and label management, bulk release assignment, custom HTML emails, and additional list management features.  In addition to all that we'll be looking to quickly integrate small changes based on your feedback to ensure the process for getting your music out to recipients is as easy as possible.



Many changes are on the way. Please send any feedback to