To make your release available to anyone in the Play MPE system you need to specify which lists or recipients you want to have access to the release. Do this in an Assignment Schedule.

Viewing lists of recipients

  1. In Assignment schedules for an existing release, create a new assignment.
  2. After setting the date / time for availability or send time, scroll down to see the lists that are available to you. 

    Lists in Assignments can be organized by the label within a folder. Each folder can contain multiple lists and sub-folders. 
  3. On the right side of the list view each list will have a count of any sub-folders contained within its hierarchy as well as a total count of recipients.

  4. To navigate and browse the listings click on any folder icon to view its contents.

    The list view will show any lists and sub-folders contained within the parent folder.

    To navigate back up to a higher level, click on the breadcrumb navigation above the lists.

Finding a list

If you have trouble finding a certain list you can search by list name at the top by entering the name or partial name and clicking the magnifying glass (search) button to narrow the displayed list results.

Finding a recipient

  1. If you are you looking to send to a list where a certain recipient is a member, you can find that list by clicking the Find recipient button at the top.

  2. In the Find recipient popup, enter in the name, company, state or country of the recipient you are searching for to narrow the results.

  3. Click on the List link on the right side to select that list. It will show in the select list view.

  4. Check the circle selector to select that list or click the Edit link to select individuals from that list.

Selecting a list and all recipients

  1. Select a list by clicking in the circular selector beside the list you want to pick. (All recipients within the list will be picked). 
  2. If you select a folder you are selecting all lists and their recipients contained within including any sub-folders. To deselect, click in a filled circle to make it empty.

Selecting individual recipients / partial selections

  1. You can select individual recipients within a list by clicking the Edit link on the right column for that list.

    A popup showing the recipients for that list will open.
  2. You can scroll the list and make your selections with the selector on the left of each recipient or you can find a specific recipient by entering their name, company, city, state or country in the search field at the top to narrow your results.

  3. Once you have made your individual recipient selections, click OK.

    The list will show as checked. 

    If you un-check the list and re-select it, you will select the entire list recipients and you will lost your partial selections for that list.

To complete your assignment, click the OK button at the bottom of the Assignments screen and then click Publish in the following screen.