All the lists managed by your label are available in the Contacts accessible by anyone in your label with the list manager privilege. 

Viewing contacts

  • After signing in, go to main menu and select Contacts.

    You will see the Contacts page.

Browsing lists and folders

In the contacts page you will see 2 columns to start. First column is contacts menu. Play MPE Lists is the list being maintained and curated by Play MPE. My Lists is the list/s you have access to. You have full rights to this list. You can create, organize and edit this list/s. The second column the labels you have access to. Each of the label that you see here owns a list or does not own a list. You can use the filter function to only show labels that owns a list. You can do this by selecting the "hide empty" option.

To see the list/s owned by a label, please select the ">" on the right side of the label. A folder is represented by a folder icon and a list is represented by a pad icon.

To see the individual recipients in the list, click on the list name. 

Selecting the list will show you the list of individual recipients under that list.