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            Searching for lists

            An alternative to browsing through all your lists to find a specific one is to use the search function for either list names or specific recipients.

            Searching for lists

            • To search for a list by name, enter in the name or partial name into the Search list field

            and press the search (magnifying glass) icon. 

            The list view will redraw to show all matching lists with that name.

            You can narrow down by label filter if you have many sub-labels and wish to see lists only accessible by those sub-labels. To do this, enter in a list name and then click the Filter by: Owner button:

            The Label picker dialog will open. Find the label you wish to filter on and click on it.

            The List view will redraw to show only the lists that are accessible by the specified label.



            Updated: 04 Jul 2019 01:51 AM
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