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            Using the Playlist

            You can create a temporary mix or playlist by clicking the musical note icon beside either a track or a release. 

            Adding a release or track to the Playlist

            Throughout the Player you will see an icon that looks like a musical note with a + beside it.

            Click on that icon to add it to your playlist. To add an individual track from an album, you have to open up the Track list first and click on the flag. 

            You can also add to a playlist by hovering over a release and selecting Add to the Playlist from the popup menu. This will add all tracks in the release to your playlist.

            Accessing the playlist

            Click on the Playlist tab in the main screen.

            Any tracks you have added to the playlist will display in a list.

            Playing a track

            To play any track, hover over the track row and click on the play button when it appears.

            The track will appear in the mini-player above and play. The entire playlist will play in the order you see. 

            Reordering a track

            Click on a row and drag it to change its order in the playlist.

            Downloading a track

            Hover over a track and click the down arrow icon.

            Getting release info 

            To access the the release info for a track in the playlist, hover over the track row and click on the i icon. 

            Removing a track

            To remove a track from the playlist, click the X button in the row of the song you wish to remove. (It appears as a red X in the Windows version)

            Updated: 05 Jul 2019 04:15 AM
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