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            How do I update my language settings?

            In addition to our player apps, Play MPE now supports localized language for Spanish, French, German and Japanese speakers. The language you select will appear throughout the Caster interface. This means you'll be able to view your preferred language when:

            • Logging into your account

            • Viewing distribution lists

            • Creating promotional releases

            • … and more!

            You'll be able to update your language settings before or after you log in to your account. 

            Update your settings before logging in

            To update your language settings from the login page, simply hover over the language dropdown to select your preferred language.

            Update your settings after you've logged in 

            To update your language settings once you've logged in, hover over the language dropdown in the top right of your screen.

            From here you can select your preferred language from the dropdown.

            Note: Your settings will be automatically saved whenever you log in to your account.

            Updated: 26 Nov 2019 12:42 PM
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