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            The Player layout

            The Play MPE Player's main function is to give you access to listen to, download and learn more about current and past releases provided by labels, artists, and managers that are pertinent to your role in the recording and radio industry.

            The main default layout when you launch the player will show Available Tracks: releases and album graphics in an interface you use to browse or search for releases. Every time there is a release available to you, it will appear in the Player (and you will receive an email notification if the release owner wishes) where you can play it and click into the release to see more information the release owner thinks is important.

            The music player

            At the very top of the Player is a familiar music player interface that allows you to play, pause or forward the music in a release.

            Releases window

            Below the player is the main window of the player that shows you what releases are available to you, with displayed album graphics (unless it is in list view). What displays there can be replaced by a custom search, the contents of your own playlist or flagged picks.

            Recent Activity

            The left scrolling pane shows you your recent activity so that you can look back in your history to find what releases you were viewing in the past.

            The main interface changes if you click My Library or Download Manager

            Updated: 05 Jul 2019 03:13 AM
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