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            Signing into the Player

            Find the Play MPE Player in your Start Menu or by typing Play MPE in your Search bar. Click on the icon. 

            After launching the Play MPE Player, you are prompted to sign in with a user name and password. 

            Why do I need a user name and password?

            The Player gives you access to releases that have been selected for you by record labels, artists or managers. You may have been given individual access to certain material or been given access as a member of a list. To identify yourself your player needs to be authorized to view these releases. 

            How do I find out my user name and password?

            A welcome email was sent to you after your account was created coming from the label that wanted to include you in its lists. If you can't find the email, go to this link and enter in your email. 


            TIP: Your username is most likely your email address. 

            After entering in the correct username and password, press Login. 

            The Player will open and immediately populate releases that are available to you.

            Updated: 05 Jul 2019 03:07 AM
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