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            Release Notes for Play MPE Player

            July 2019

            Security bonus

            If you were working from several devices and aren't sure if you were signed out of your account OR if you suspect there is unauthorized access to your player account elsewhere you can log out all sessions

            May 2019

            New Mobile Player!

            The long awaited update to our Mobile Player. The entirely new app boasts new graphics, new user flow and slick content display. All app users on Android and iOS will receive an update.  

            Go Canada! Canadian Content

            On the Player and in emails, find releases that have Canadian Content marked tracks by looking for the maple leaf icon or by looking for the icon in release emails. For accurate M A P L criteria, go to Release Information -> Overview. Go Canada! Find out more.

            Updates and Fixes

            1. Releases with slashes in their names can be downloaded as zip packages again

            April 2019

            Updates and Fixes

            1. .asc, .xls and other metadata sidecar files are included in .zip packages for releases for your radio software integration
            2. older releases created pre-2008 can be downloaded again
            3. Safari playback performance improved

            February 2019

            Updates and Fixes

            1. release names with non ASCII encoding can be downloaded in zip packages again
            2. download options for .zip packages are now .mp3 or .wav only

            Updated: 26 Nov 2019 03:59 AM
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