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            Magic links: Passwordless Login to Player

            You can now choose to sign into the web Player using only your email. Using Passwordless login or "Magic links", you can just enter in your present email address and you will be sent a link. By clicking on the link, the Player in your browser will remember you so that every time you return to you will be signed in automatically.

            Why passwordless?

            So you no longer need to remember complicated passwords or need to recover them. As long as you have your email, that is your password.

            1. Go to
            2. You will now go to a new sign in page:

            3. Enter in your email address and click the Sign in button.
            4. You'll be informed that an email is on its way. After a minute check your email.
            5. The email will contain instructions telling you why you have received it. Click the link provided in the email.
              You will be automatically logged in. 

            Next time you visit

            The next time you visit you will be automatically signed in. 

            Other browsers

            In the future if you have to cancel your session or need to sign into a different browser, you will need to validate - through your email again.

            Mobile Player

            At present your mobile player will still require your old username and password. But magic links are coming soon for Mobile as well!

            Updated: 6 days ago
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