A. Location of the MPE files downloaded from V4 Player..

1) By default the location is c:\Users\ABC\Documents\Play MPE Player\Download, where "ABC" is the computer user profile you used when you log into your computer.

2) If the MPE files are not there, you will have to do a search for .epm files on your computer to check where these files are saved. From there, take note of the location cause you will need it later(Step B) when you browse for the files.


B. Manually transfer library of v4 Player to v5 Player

1) Log into V5 player.

2) Go to File --> Add Music to Library.

3) Navigate to location of audio download folder in v4 Player(Step 3 of A).

4) Select all files(or do Ctrl+A)  and click Open.

5) Depending on the number of files you have, it may take a while to add it to the Library of the v5 player. The player may have a status that it is not responding, if this happens, wait for up to 30 minutes.