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            Finding Canadian Content releases

            CRTC regulations in Canada require radio stations to play a specific amount of music that qualifies as Canadian Content (Cancon). The Cancon quota for most Canadian stations is 35% so radio is looking for songs that qualify. You can find what releases qualify as Cancon in the Player, Mobile Player and in email blasts.

            CanCon in release emails
            When you receive an email for a song that qualifies as Cancon, it will be marked with a red maple leaf icon.

            In the Player

            In the Player, when browsing releases in gallery view, Cancon releases are designated by a red maple leaf beside the album art.

            in Release Information

            When you click to enter into the release, the specific tracks that qualify as Cancon will have the red maple leaf ion.

            MAPL info

            For specific MAPL criteria, click in the release's Overview tab. 

            Updated: 6 days ago
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