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            Exporting a track from My Library (Windows / Mac)

            Tracks in your Library are downloaded on your computer. However, you can also choose to export these tracks to different file formats so that they can be compatible to a device or system. 

            Adding a track to Burn / Export list

            Exporting tracks can be done individually or as a batch using the same method. 

            1. Click on My Library at the top of the Player
            2. Find a track you wish to export from the list at the bottom of the library.

            3. Right-click on the track and Add to Burn / Export List

              The track will now appear in the Burn / Export section. 

            Exporting a track to different file formats

            Once you have tracks in the Burn / Export section, you can now apply a batch export process to them all so that you can have all the tracks in a desired file format. 

            1. Click on the blue right arrow icon on the right side of the Burn / Export section. 

              A popup will appear where you can set what kind of file format and bitrate quality you wish along with a variety of other options.

            2. Make sure "Export Audio File" is checked
            3. Click on the dropdown menu option under Export Audio File and select the desired file format. 

            4. Click on the dropdown menu option for Bitrate to choose the quality of audio you want.

            5. Click the Export button. 

              Once the progress is complete, the files will be saved in the location specified in this option:

            Updated: 05 Jul 2019 03:58 AM
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