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            Bulk assigning releases using Assign Releases

            Bulk assigning releases is useful for a Release Manager when you add a large number of recipients in a new list and want them to have access to your back catalog or several releases at once. 

            How Assign Releases work

            Assign releases allows you to select up to 200 releases at a time and then assign the releases to multiple lists. The recipients of these releases will then have access to the releases in their players (immediately by default or on an optional schedule you can set). No email is sent but they will see the new releases. 

            Accessing Assign Releases

            Release Managers will see the Assign Releases button to the right of Create New Release.

            Click on the Assign Releases button and this will open the first Assign Releases page.

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            Updated: 04 Jul 2019 04:01 AM
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