What Reporting results mean

What Reporting results mean

In Reporting the default view will show each release's ID, Title, Artist, Label, Owner and reporting data. The reporting columns have specific meaning defined below.

First Available The date and time the release was first available to the very first recipient (there may be a small time difference due to network rollout across all territories). The time is local time.
Streams How many times a track in the release was played once from  player by a recipient
Downloads How many times a track in the release was downloaded from a player. If the release is a multi-track release and it was packaged as a .zip, all tracks are defined as being downloaded once each.
Opens How many times the email notification of the release was opened and viewed in the email of a recipient.
Clicks How many times a link in the notification email was clicked. This encompasses all linked items including the release itself or any link available in the email. 
Recipients How many individual recipients had the release made available in their players.
Lists Lists the recipient was included in that the release was sent to
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