What is the Playlist?

What is the Playlist?

The playlist is for selecting tracks from your account that you would like to stream as a list. From the Releases tab, hover your mouse over any release and you will see the "Add to Playlist" icon. Clicking on that will add the selected release to your Playlist. If you want to add an individual track from a multi-track release to the Playlist, just click to open it and click the "Add to Playlist" icon for the desired track. To rearrange the order of tracks in your Playlist simply drag and drop individual tracks into position. The track list is saved with your account, so if you build a Playlist on your home computer or mobile, it will be available on your work computer once you login.
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    • Using the Playlist

      Recipients can organize selections of songs and releases into customized playlists where they can group and arrange songs into order for their own playback, sharing with others or to help prepare playlists for radio.  Adding to Playlists Anywhere in ...
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    • How do I change track order of a playlist

      1) Go to Assets Section 2) Look for the playlist. Click More(...) and select edit. 3) Click, hold and drag(up or down) to change track order. 4) Click OK to Save Changes.
    • What is Impact Date?

      Impact Date (AKA Add Date) is the date the label (or artist, promoter, etc.) would like radio to add the release (usually a single) to their playlist.