Viewing Release Information

Viewing Release Information

Release Information 

Labels populate release details to entice recipients to help promote their artists and gain airplay. Once interested, recipients can digest more information about the artist/their release, download electronic press kits, graphics, lyrics and also save metadata for their own radio scheduling software or reporting schemes.

Anywhere in the interface if the user sees the i button it will send them to this screen for that release.


All of the release information created by the Label is laid out in this view including everything they created for the initial release email.  

This view is separated into Left and Right Panes. By default Promotional Information is displayed in the left pane. 


If it is blank, populate it with Overview.


On the top pane the recipient can see the labels responsible for the release.  Promo Information In the left pane the recipient can see the promo graphics and text as designed for the email. Clicking on it or the expand control in the top right corner will provide them with a popup with enlarged view of the promo graphics and text with vertical slider.   
The recipient should be able to copy and save any text or graphics from this popup.

Clicking X on the popup will close it.

Overview To change from Promo Info in the left pane the user can click on the Overview tab. This view provides more detailed info on each track with more granular metadata.

The recipient can copy any of the text here or download it as a pdf by clicking on a button available for Desktop called Download pdf. This will generate and download a pdf of this information. 

To get back to the Promo Info, they can click on the Promo tab at the top.

Release Summary in Release Information Information from the Release Summary is replicated in the top right pane including Mini album art, Available Date, Impact Date, and Formats.

Mini album art preview

Clicking X will close the album art preview.

Release controls

The user can also use the standard release controls from within this area.

Track list

The recipient can play or browse the release’s track underneath the play controls. 

The tracks will contain Artist - Track Title (Version) - Market Icon - Track time.

At the top the track list icon shows a counter of number of tracks.

The recipient can scroll through the tracks below with a vertical slider. 

They can play individual tracks by hovering over an individual track and clicking the play icon. 

They can play the entire release by clicking the Play All button above.

Hovering over the individual track will also reveal the * * * control that, when clicked, will reveal additional actions for Download, Add to playlist, Play Next and Play After.

Play Next will insert the select track below the currently playing track on the Queue. If a Release and all of its tracks are already in the queue, the track added by Play Next will be inserted after that release’s tracks.

            Play After will add the selected track to the end of the queue.


If the recipient wants to download any included files with the release, they can click on the Attachments button below the track list to expand to show any attachment files.

The Attachments icon has a counter for number of files included. There is a maximum of five attachments allowed.

When expanded, the Attachments section will show the filenames and appropriate filetype icons. A vertical slider is included to help show all available attachments.

The recipient can then download any file by clicking on it. The file will download depending on the browser’s standard file download path.

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