Using the Download Manager

Using the Download Manager

If the release has Full DRM to enable the recipient to both play and download tracks, the download control will be enabled for the track or release.


By clicking the Download button at the top right of the UI, the recipient can see what tracks or releases they have queued up to download, showing the Artist and Title in a popup panel. Clicking the download icon again will close it.



The most recent track or release that the user indicated to download appears at the top of the download queue. 


Beside each track or release is a status icon showing either a checkmark for showing a completed download or an animated progress circle showing it pending.


Downloading whole releases

If the user has clicked download for an entire release, the download item in the download queue will show number of tracks in brackets. 


Cancel Downloads

An X button beside each track allows the user to cancel the download for that track.


Clear Downloads

Clicking Clear Completed will remove all of the completed releases from the panel to remove clutter.


If the recipient wants to see more tracks in the queue they can use a vertical slider to scroll down the list.


Download Settings

Clicking the settings icon in the Download manager will change the panel to show download-specific settings. 

Here the recipient can choose their preferred format by clicking the dropdown and selecting the one they want.


If they don’t have any downloads (and didn’t download anything this session), they will see this:


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