Using Play MPE Packaged Lists in Self-Service

Using Play MPE Packaged Lists in Self-Service

Using Play MPE Packaged Lists in Self-Service

Play MPE Packaged Lists are curated packages that contain recipients like terrestrial, internet, and satellite radio programmers, media, and curators along with record labels, promotion teams, and much more, across various locations and channels! In this walkthrough, we’ll show you how to select a list package for your release and distribute your music to verified tastemakers around the world!

Play MPE Packaged Lists are available to you in Step 4: Contacts when creating a release. For a video guide, check out our tutorial

Step 1
From the Releases page in Caster, navigate to the top right corner and select “Create New Release”.

Step 2
Proceed through the process of creating a Release from Step 1. Upload Music to Step 4. Contacts.

Step 3
When you arrive at Step 4. Contacts, you will be asked to create a new schedule for your release. When selected, a pop-up scheduler will allow you to determine the settings for release date and the email notification.

Click “Save” when you are happy with these settings. You can also return to this screen later to make changes.

Step 4
You will now be able to choose who will receive your release. You can either use the search bar if you already know which list you’re looking for, or alternatively, select “Browse List” to launch the Distribution Lists Menu.

Please note that your personal Contacts can only be added via the Search function.

Step 5
This is the Distribution Lists menu where you are able to browse through Play MPE Packaged Lists and the custom lists that you have created (My Lists). These selections determine the recipients for your release.

Each selection has a brief overview that is comprised of a thumbnail, title, total number of recipients, and short description.
Please note the image is a representation of the package’s theme and has no actual bearing on the way your release is distributed.

There are various ways of discovering the packages and lists available in the menu. You can manually scroll through to discover packages you wish to select.

Or, use the left-side navigation to jump to a category grouped by region or theme within Play MPE Packaged Lists, access your own personal lists, or Favourites.

The default will show you selections from Play MPE Packaged Lists, which have been curated with programmers, media, and curators along with record labels, promotion teams across various locations and channels.

You can navigate to My Lists, which give you access to the custom lists that you have created. Certain rows may have a dropdown that allows you to expand and view its contents. You can navigate into the folder by clicking “# Lists” at the end of a row.

You can also use the search bar at the top of the menu to find a package or list by country or name, where applicable. Please note that the Search function’s results are restricted to each page’s theme.

For example, the search bar on Play MPE Packaged Lists will only yield results for Play MPE Packaged Lists. If you wish to search from My Lists, you will need to navigate to the My Lists tab and search from there.

Quick tip #1: If you’ve previously used the Distribution Lists menu, your three most recent packages will be displayed at the top of Play MPE Packaged Lists under the Recent category.

This section will not appear if you do not have recent activity and is not available in My Lists.

Quick tip #2: Star your favourite packages and lists and find them under the Favourites tab on the left navigation under their respective sections.

Step 5
When you have decided on a package to deliver your release to, you can make a selection by checking the box.

The number of selections you have made will be visible in the bottom left corner of the menu. This total accounts for selections made from both Play MPE Packaged Lists and My Lists.

Step 6
Once you have your lists selected, click “Add lists” to the bottom right of the menu.

Step 7
You will be able to see which lists you’ve selected from the schedule screen.

To remove an item, hover over the package to reveal a garbage bin icon displayed to the right. Clicking this will remove the package from your inventory. 

If you wish to add additional packages, select “Browse List” or use the search bar and repeat Steps 5 and 6.

Step 8
Complete the remainder of your Release by continuing on to Step 5. Submit, where you will have a chance to review all of your previous steps and settings.

If you have any additional questions, please visit our Support page or reach out to
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