You can add an individual song or multiple songs (formerly bundle) to Assets for inclusion in a release. 

Adding an Audio Track (individual song)

  1. After signing in, go to Assets in the main menu.
  2. At the top of the Assets page, click Add Audio Track

    The Add Audio Assets page will open. 

  3. This is where you can upload the audio file and add the relevant metadata that will accompany the asset throughout the system.
  4. To upload the audio file, either click the browse link or open up the location of the file on your computer and drag it into the space provided.

    The song will begin uploading.

Removing tracks

If later you wish to remove a track from an asset, click on the X button beside it. Doing this will not only remove the track but its metadata, so you need to confirm the popup after if you are sure.

Click Save for the asset and your asset's playlist will be changed.

Editing track metadata

While a track is processing you can edit the metadata in the fields on the right.

Note: Artist and Title are required fields.

If you require more fields, click on the Additional Information link to open up more metadata fields.

Completing Asset Creation

When the file has completed uploading and is processing, you can press the OK button to save the song to complete the asset creation. 

The track will appear in your list of assets. 

Note: While your track is processing you can start your work on the release. You must wait for assets to upload before continuing, however.