Label logos are displayed in the release emails and in the player. Edit the label in order to upload a logo or change an existing one. Any existing logos will appear in smaller thumbnails in the Labels listing screen.

Uploading a label logo

  1. In Labels find the label you wish to edit. 
  2. Click on the * * * menu beside the label and click Edit
  3. In the editing screen for the label, go to the Label Logo section.

  4. Click the Browse link or drag and drop a .png, or .jpg that you wish to appear as the label logo. 

    Wait for the logo to process (this will modify the label image so that it will fit within the dimensions required for release emails and for the player). 

  5. Once the logo appears (the dimensions will be different than shown), then click Save.

In Releases, the label logo will appear when used to create release emails and also will appear when the release is made available in the Player.


  • For existing releases, allow some time for the logo to sync across all networks to appear updated in the player.