You can set the date and time of when you want the release to appear in a selected list of recipient's players using Assignments. 

Setting release availability time

  1. In Contacts (Step 4) of an existing release, create a new schedule.

    The create schedule page will appear.
  2. You'll see  Make Release Available section

    By default, the present day and time is already pre-populated for you (the time zone based upon your computer time). 
  3. Click on the available date field if you wish to change the date.

    The calendar picker will appear. Pick the desired date.

  4. To pick a specific time, click the drop down arrow beside the time.

  5. Select the desired time.
  6. After selecting at least one recipient list, press the Save button to complete creating the schedule.


  • Because of time needed for processing and scheduling in world regions, allow up to 5 minutes for as soon as possible availability. 
  • Setting a date/time in the past is the same as sending as soon as possible.