Setting preferences in Caster

Setting preferences in Caster

If you are a frequent user of Play MPE Caster you can set various defaults in your account to speed up common tasks. 

Accessing your preferences

  • click on your user name in the top right hand corner of the screen and select Preferences

  • This will open the Preferences page

Changing Default Owner

Do this if you have are always doing your work for the same owner label. Click the Add button beside Default Owner and then use the label selection dialog to choose your parent label.

Press OK to adopt the preference.

Changing Default Labels

If you commonly use the same marketing labels for your releases, click the Select button beside Default Label(s) and pick up to five labels. Press OK

Default DRM

Select either Full or Stream if your releases have the same DRM.

Change password

Click Change Password and use the password dialog to enter a new one (this was moved from its own separate page). 

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