Select lists for bulk release assignment

Select lists for bulk release assignment

After setting the DRM for the releases you wish to make available for the recipients, you can now choose one or several new lists who will be able to access these releases.

In same screen as where you set the DRM, browse the list display on the right side. 

Click the circle selector beside any list(s) you wish to access the releases and click Continue at the bottom. 

Note: in bulk assignments you can't assign a release to lists who were already previously assigned to those releases. This tool is best for assigning to new lists. If you wish to send releases to new recipients who were added to existing lists that had already received the picked releases, use Assignment Schedules and create new assignments / resend to those lists.

Find recipient in list

To aid you in finding the correct list. you can click on Find Recipient and use the search tool to locate the correct list. 

After searching, click on the list you wish to select.

The Find recipient panel will close and in the list selection screen the chosen list will be selected. You can continue picking other lists or click Continue.


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