Before you Publish a release you can choose to review the release email, your DRM, schedules and your list selections with your team using Approvals. Approvals will send a version of the release email to select members of your label. Each of them will be able to acknowledge their approval or indicate changes required. This is a good way for remote teams to collaborate. 

Get Approvals

  • In Step 5 (Submit section), click the Request Approval button at the bottom.

    This will open the Approvals screen showing you the members of your label you can choose to approve your release.

Selecting and queuing approvers

  1. Click the circle selector beside all the approvers you wish to include.
  2. Approvals emails are sent in the order you see on the screen. One approver has to approve the list before it is sent to the next. If this order is important to you, click the movement icon and drag the approver up or down the order.

  3. When you are satisfied with the selections and order, click Start Approval.

    The list of approvers are shown on the next screen.

Approving a release

  1. As an approver, you will receive an email marked "Release Approval Request". This contains the entire release notification with graphics, promotional text, links and attachments.

    Note: the "Get it Now" button is inactive.
  2. The approver also can review the recipients, scheduling and DRM by opening the Report.pdf included with the approval email.

  3. The release approver can either Approve or ask for changes by clicking Change Required at the bottom of the approval email.
  4. If the approver clicks Approve the next selected Approver will receive their approval email.
  5. If the approver wants changes made and clicks Change Required.

    This will open a simple form where they can write their requested corrections.

  6. Clicking the Send feedback button will send the feedback.

  7. The last approver in the approval chain has the ability to do more. They can choose to Publish as scheduled - the release will be sent out and be available according to the set schedule. Or they can choose to Publish now!

    Clicking Publish Now will cause the release to be sent and/or made available as soon as possible to all the selected lists. 

Checking approval progress

When you check approval by clicking Get Approval (you can only have one approval process at a time), the Approval page will show you the selected approvers and whether or not they have made a decision. This is shown in the Status column on the right side. 

Revoking approval

At any time the release creator can click the Revoke approval button in the Approvals page. This will stop any button in an Approval email from having any effect and will stop any approver who has not yet received the email from getting one.