Requesting access to Play MPE

Requesting access to Play MPE

The Play MPE® Player provides a convenient way to stream and download promotional music then
burn CDs and export full quality, broadcast-ready files directly into your station’s playback system. This
is a complimentary, invitation only service and there is absolutely no cost to you. To access it you need to have a Play MPE account. 

Accounts are given free to members of members of the recording industry, radio industry, and media
and publicity. To get an account, you must request an account from the Play MPE® website:

Identify what kind of position you currently occupy in your organization or your role. 

Then fill in more information about yourself so that release content providers can better target releases or reach out to contact you. 

After completing the form, click Submit. 

After submitting the request you will be contacted by Play MPE with more information about your application

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