Quick Share Intro

Quick Share Intro

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    • What is Quick Share?

      Quick Share is a new feature that is the newest way to share music on our platform without requiring a release. With Quick Share, you can generate a share link from an asset and easily share it in a link with your contacts. Your contacts simply need ...
    • How does Quick Share work?

      To use Quick Share, simply upload your music as an asset and generate a link. You can enable the link for stream only OR both stream and download. Simply copy it, and share it with your contacts! They don't need to sign in or create an account to ...
    • Is Quick Share free to use?

      Yes, Quick Share is currently in free open beta for Self-Service Caster users. If you’re a Full-Service Caster user interested in trying out the feature, sign up for our waitlist here!
    • Can I share music with anyone using Quick Share?

      Yes, you can share music with anyone using Quick Share, as long your contact receives a link from you. If you want to revoke access, you can always disable the link on the settings page. Please consider using the stream-only link if you only want ...
    • What types of music files can I upload to Quick Share?

      Quick Share supports MP3 and WAV. Regardless of the file format you give us, we’ll have your music converted to a format your contacts want.