Introduction to Play MPE Reporting

Introduction to Play MPE Reporting

Release creators and label owners using Play MPE will be able to track activity of all releases they have sent out or made available on the Play MPE system by accessing with their regular account sign in.

Why is there now a reporting website?

By making reporting available through the web browser, release creators and label owners will be able to access their own activity quickly and easily independent of the Encoder application.

As well as making the data available through web browser, queries will be dramatically faster through behind the scenes changes to how our data is stored and accessed. 

What will happen with Reporting through the desktop Encoder application? 

Reporting can still be accessed using the Play MPE Encoder and both online Reporting. Eventually, the Encoder application will be replaced by an online encoder and reporting will be entirely on the website.

Who can use Play MPE Reporting?

If you had access to Reporting in the Encoder application, your same account will enable you access to reporting.

If you have any issues doing so please contact with your account information.

To provide any feedback during this time, please send all reports to

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