If you believe you should have received a notification about a music release in your email and you did not receive it there are a few things to check. 

  1. Is the email in your player correct? To check this, go to player and click on the My account tab. This will open up your profile. Click on Email & redirect notifications. In this page it will show you what emails are linked to your account. You can make changes to your email addresses here.

  2. Is notifications turned off in My Account? In the same My Account tab, click on Player and download settings. In this page you will see a control for ""Release email notification frequency". Make sure that it is set on "Per Track" and not "Weekly". Otherwise, you may only receive a weekly digest. 

  3. Check your spam filter. Make sure your email client is not filtering out 


If none of these help your issue, please contact support@plaympe.com