How to use the Play MPE Caster Full Service

How to use the Play MPE Caster Full Service

Creating New Releases with Play MPE

You can start a new release at Upload your audio assets, images, track information, promotional info, etc. and determine the impact and email send time. Once complete, our Release Coordinator team will contact you to complete the release.

If you do not have an account, please contact us to get signed up.


Creating a release

Once you have signed in, create a release by clicking the blue Submit release content button in the top right-hand corner of caster.



Adding Audio files

Drag and drop the audio tracks for the release into the "Drag and drop music files here" space. Use .wav or .aiff files. You can also use the “Browse files” option if you prefer to manually search and select the audio file.


Release Information

Fill out the form fields with the required information, such as: 


Artist: The name of the artist
Release Title: The name of the release
Add Label(s) Here:
Choose from previously created marketing labels by clicking the "Choose" drop down menu and selecting a label. You can add up to five.

Creating a New Record Label

To create a new record label, type the name of the new record label in the "Create New Label" field at the bottom of the existing dropdown list and click 'Create'. Creating the new label will add it to the list of labels from which you can choose.

Choose from previously created marketing labels by clicking the "+" drop down menu and selecting a label. You can add up to five.

Choosing Distribution Lists/Radio Formats

Put in the radio formats / genres you would like your release to be sent to by typing in the radio formats / genre names separated by a comma. For example: country, gospel, urban…


Impact / Add Date (Optional): The date you would like radio to add the release  to their playlist.

DRM (Full): This allows recipients to stream, download, export, and burn to CD from Play MPE. Select this option if you're sending your release to radio.

DRM (Stream only): Recipients can only listen to the tracks in from Play MPE.

Adding Cover art

Click the Album art icon to add a cover art. (maximum file size limit  is 100 MB)



Adding Attachments

You may wish to provide other files for recipients to download from the release. For example: video files, .pdfs, additional images.


Promotional Information: Any relevant text you wish to associate with the release. For example: social media links, tour dates, contact information, marketing plan, bio, lyrics, etc.

Release Send Info:
In this section you can choose the email information the recipient sees when they receive the release. This includes Sender’s Name and Release Notification Subject.
Sender’s Name: The name that will appear in the email that recipients will receive.
Release Notification Subject:  The subject of the email that recipients will receive.


Release Send Time / Date:

Determine the exact time the release will be sent to recipients by selecting the date, hour, minute, and time zone.



Message to Play MPE Representative

Our Release Coordinators prepare every release based upon the content you have provided. You can add any additional information or comments in this section. The Release Coordinators will see this as they prepare your release. (this is not published with your release)


 Edit Track Info

Enter individual track info by clicking the "Edit Info" button beside the track. Click "Save" when you are finished. Recipients are starting to look for this information – ISRC code and Writers/Composers. We recommend that you add those if you have it.

For Canadian content, please note that you can enter the M,A,P,L value by selecting the Cancon button while editing track information.


Completing your release

Click "Submit" to complete creating your submission.  Your release and info will be sent directly to Play MPE Release Coordinators for creation.

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