How to upload files and metadata

How to upload files and metadata

How to upload files and metadata

1. Release Overview
When you first log on to Caster, you’ll be greeted with the Release Overview page.

In this view, the top section displays any Releases you have that are currently a work in progress. Any releases you have not yet submitted will show up under this section. If you’re looking to continue something you have started, navigate to the three dots to resume your Release.

Otherwise, the bottom section displays Releases that have been completed and published, or have been submitted to our Release Coordinators for assembly. The status column will tell you exactly what’s happening!

To begin a new Release, head to the top right button that says “Create new release”

2. Release Creator, Step 1 – Upload
This is the Release Creator. In the first step, you’ll be uploading all the relevant files that are a part of your Release. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a footer that includes several options.
  1. Abandon release: This option will delete your Release entirely. Any work you have done for your Release will not be saved and cannot be recovered.
  2. Save as draft: This option can be used at any time to save your progress.
  3. Save and continue: This option will move you to the next step. It is only available when all fields have been completed.

To begin, add in your music files to the Upload Music section by dragging and dropping content in the uploader or use the “click to upload” option.

In the next section, Release Overview, you can upload your album art and include information related to the general Release.

Fields marked with * are required.

  1. *Artist: The name of the artist behind the album 
  2. *Release title: The name of the single or the album of the collective track(s)
  3. Impact date: The date in which your Release will be made publicly available
  4. Year of release: The year in which your Release will be made publicly available
  5. *Labels: The music groups that are related to the marketing of your Release

Please keep in mind that the information included in this section will apply to all the songs that you are uploading. Information that differs between individual tracks can be made in the next section. Once you are satisfied with the Release Overview, you can move on to Track Information.

In Track Information, you can edit each track to include their own metadata that is unique to itself. For example, if a certain song in your upload has a featuring artist or a different version, this is the place to make note of that.

To the left column, there is a Track(s) panel. Selecting on individual tracks will allow you to edit their data individually. If you wish to bulk edit fields across multiple tracks, select the ones you want using the checkboxes provided in the Track panel. Please note, you must click on the ‘Done’ button to exit bulk editing mode.

Unsure how the Playlist feature works.

Fields marked with * are required.

Track Information Overview

  1. *Artist: The name of the artist behind the selected track
  2. *Title: The name of the selected track
  3. Version: Denotes the type of track (Radio Edit, Instrumental, Remix, etc)
  4. Explicit content: Assigns tracks that are explicit with an explicit badge, [E]
  5. Album: The name of the album that the selected track belongs to
  6. *Labels: The marketing labels that are related to the selected track
*Genres: The musical categories that are associated to the selected track

Track Information Identification
  1. *ISRC: An international tracking code unique to a song. Required for commercial reporting, royalties, and radio-play in all countries except the United States
  2. UPC: A tracking code that represents the entire product.
  3. Catalog number: An identification number assigned to a release, typically by a label
  4. Copyright year: The year in which the track has been copyrighted
  5. Language: The main language of the track
  6. Track length: The duration of the track. This field is not editable
  7. Lyrics: The written lyrics contained within the track

Track Information Credits
  1. Canadian content: Indicates the composition of Canadian content of the track. The track will be designated as CanCon if it meets the requirements. For Canadian content only
  2. Writers: The person(s) credited for the writing of the track
  3. Publishing: The publishing person or the company responsible for track licensing
  4. Composer: The person(s) credited for the composition of the track
  5. Producer: The person(s) credited for the production of the track

This marks the end of Step 1 – Upload. When all your fields are complete, proceed with Save and Continue. You will be able to return to this step at any given point to make changes, granted you have not submitted the release.

If you have any additional questions, please visit our Support page or reach out to

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