In Play MPE Caster, a release can be distributed in several ways using release scheduler. With every schedule, you can use the same release content and assign different DRM to different lists, schedule distribution for separate times, schedule email notifications separately from availability in the system.

Schedules are how you control access to your release

Schedules are how you can control how the various lists of recipients can access one release, how and when. 

Why can a release have separate Schedules?

In the screenshot below this single release has several Assignment Schedules. This is because one release can have several ways for lists to access it. Please note that you cannot select the same list on a different assignment.

You need to set up a separate schedule whenever you want to set up different distribution audiences for: 

  1. Different DRM (Full download and play rights or Stream Only) for selected lists
  2. Different Email send date/time for selected lists
  3. Different Availability date/time in the system (player) for selected lists
  4. Any time you want to add more lists to the same release that you didn't have in your previous schedules

When do you want to have a different release instead of a new schedule?

If you have different assets, want to send out a different email promo or have a release used by a separate set of labels you will want to create or clone an entirely new release. Otherwise, if the release itself remains the same, you will want to use schedule to control access to the release.