Exporting tracks as new assets

Exporting tracks as new assets

Sometimes a certain track from an album becomes deserving of its own release. Instead of uploading the track again, you can export it from an existing asset and make a new one without affecting the original asset.

Exporting a track from an existing asset

  1. in Assets, find a multiple track asset that contains the track you wish to export
  2. Click on the * * * menu for that asset and select Export track

    The Export Track page will appear showing all of the tracks for the original asset.

  3. Select the track you wish to export by clicking on it in the left column. This will show you the metadata for that track so that you can make sure your selection is correct.
  4. If it is correct, click the + Export track as single link.

    After processing, the export will be confirmed. 

  5. Click OK and select any other tracks you wish to export or click Back to go back to Assets.
When you look at Assets, the new asset you created from the track you exported will appear. 

In the Reference column a note will show indicating which asset your new single was exported from.

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