Adding / Editing a new label

Adding / Editing a new label

Adding a new label

  1. Go to Labels
  2. Click into the parent label or one of its child labels

    The Add New Label button will appear.

  3. Click Add New Label button.

    The Add New Label form will appear.

  4. Enter in all of the information and click Save


Label ID

By default a new label will have a label ID generated (for internal  / support use). 

Label Name

Use any text to name the label.

Sender name

The name recipients will see in their email when they receive releases created by this label.

Sender email

The email appearing in recipient's email from this label's release. 


Use this when there is a label that shares the same label name but may be from a department of that label. 


Country of origin - this is tracked in billing and other statistics.

Release request email

An internal email that is alerted to any Upload Service submissions to this label.

Editing a label

To edit an existing label, click on the * * * action menu beside the label and choose Edit.

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