Adding album art to asset

Adding album art to asset

With both Add New Playlist and Add audio you can attach album art to help speed the process of creating a release in the future. When a release is created with this asset it will have the album art automatically embedded.

Adding album art to asset

  1. In Assets click Add Audio Track or Add New Playlist or edit an existing audio asset.
  2. Locate Album Art in the top metadata (under Labels single audio track / under Copyright Year in Add New Playlist). 
  3. Click the +Add button.

  4. This will bring up your operating system's file browser. Browse for and select the album graphic file. 
  5. After the file has been uploaded and processed, a thumbnail of the graphic you uploaded will show.
  6. To see it larger, click on it.

  7. Click OK to save the asset. 

You can replace the image at any time by clicking +Add again and choosing a different file. Or you can remove it and not replace it by clicking Delete

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